SmartFund owns about 3 million dollar and is carrying out creating a smart investment-fund which creates a big opportunity in Sharing Economy. When small investments are piled up with a smart strategy of investment-apportionment, it will bring a huge profit.

Cooperating with high-quality coins and potential coins: Cryptocurrency is indispensable trend in the world, cooperating with high-quality coins with excellent technology platform will be an opportunity in 4.0 Era. Their growth will lead to growth of investment capital. Besides, new but potential coins are also in investment structure of SmartFund, because the growth of these coins will bring even hundred times of profit.

Trading: We have traders who are professional in analyzing data and trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges globally. Different from normal trading, we do not depend on waves – a risky method. We design a tool that has ability to analyze data of Bitcoin and Altcoin resources from big companies, in order to know whether sell/buy trends are from these big companies or other small resources, then make orders. This helps raise win-probability in trading.

Produce a cryptocurrency: Beside cooperating with coins, SmartFund also has plan about producing a cryptocurrency and we are in the process. Our coin is used for advertising projects and marketing. Types of advertisement: Rolling, Trivision, Billboard, Neon Sign, LED and Electric Advertisement. Advertising fee from these projects will be returned to promote brand and value of coin, towards payment for advertising contracts by our coin.

Invest in stocks of large corporations: Owning stocks of big companies is a smart investment but it asks a huge capital. With SmartFund, our capital and your capital will together make big ability to own these valuable stocks. SmartFund invests in stocks of 6 big companies: Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon and Facebook.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a mean of exchange in 4.0 Era. This is an indispensable trend of all countries in the world. Cryptocurrency is a kind of assets that is profitable day by day and does not lost. Digital assets of SmartFund are apportioned into the coins (including trading) that we highly appreciate.